Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have A Blessed Easter

Happy Easter to everyone!  I hope you all feel the love of Jesus today, for Jesus Christ is Risen!  Enjoy this day that God has made.  

This is a picture of a student at the school where I work.  His name is Ryan.  Their was a re enactment of the Crucifixion on Friday night.  I think this is awesome that an 8th grade boy wanted to do that.  How proud his momma must be!  You go Ryan!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Family Room

 I have shown you pretty much every room in our house, except for our family room, so I thought I would show it to you today.  Since we moved into this house in June, we really haven't done much in this room, other than furnish it and hang some things on the wall.  We live in a split level home, and the family room is downstairs, along with Miss 16 Year Old's bedroom and bathroom, a hallway that serves as a mud room, and our laundry closet.  This is the room where my kids take their friends to hang out and play the Wii or watch DVDs.  It is also the room where we keep all of our family games.  So without further ado, here is our family room.

This is looking into the room from the hallway.  There used to be a door on this room, but we removed it when we moved in.  Somehow, I did not like the idea of Miss 16 Year Old being able to close this door if she has a boy over.  Plus, it makes the room seem larger.  It is not a large room.  This furniture was given to us by my best friend.  It is denim slipcovered, and she bought it at Macy's.  It is by far the most comfortable furniture I have ever owned, but we don't plan on keeping it.  We plan to purchase new furniture for the upstairs living room, and move the furniture up there down to this room.  Although comfortable, this furniture is too big and bulky for the room.  To see the upstairs living room, and the furniture I am referring to, click here.


To the far left is the entrance to this room.  That door you see is the utility closet, and it does have some storage as well.  We have a bookshelf in there that houses our jeans.  We did not paint this room.  I thought the color in here was fine for now.  The elliptical machine was also given to us by a friend.  To the left you can see the chalkboard hanging pegged "thingy"  that I made over.  


This is from the opposite end of the room.  That closet holds my husband's casual clothes.  It is jammed packed.  The entertainment center we brought with us from the old house.  I would love to replace it with something more streamlined.  Not so big and bulky.  



This room has a lot of natural light.  Right outside of those windows is our deck.  I wish one of those windows was a door because you can't get to the deck from this floor.  The curtains are from Target.  That end table you see, I purchased from Lowe's back when you could buy unfinished furniture there, and I stained it myself.  I wish they still sold that stuff.


This picture was from our wedding, and everyone signed it.  It is starting to look shabby.  I want to keep it, so it is in store for some kind of makeover.  


This picture is a piece of art  LC bought on the street in Tokyo when he vacationed there.  I just slapped it in a frame.  


I bought this canvas print at Pier One.



LC bought me this painting in Ocean City one summer.  


You can see in the far right the shelf that houses our games.  It would be nice to have something to store them so they were hidden.  


You can't really see that table to the left of the chair in this picture, but it is an awesome table that I bought at The Mission.   Click over and check it out!  It has some damage to the top that I plan to repair, but it is a great table.  I only paid $15 for it!


So there is our family room.  It is fine, and it serves the purpose.  Below is a list of things that will eventually change in this room.

  • Purchase new flat screen TV
  • Move upstairs living room furniture into this room
  • purchase new TV console
  • Add Hidden storage for games
  • Refinish End Table
  • Change out and improve decor
  • Possibly paint
  • Change out ceiling light
  • Add some kind of heating element-it's cold down here!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Easter Bonnet

How are you on this fine Thursday?  I am pretty darn happy because I am one day closer to spring break!  Over the weekend we had to make an “Easter Bonnet” for Mr. 5 Year Old.  It was not good news because we had an extremely busy weekend and did  not open his back pack until Sunday night, only to find that he was required to make an Easter bonnet to take to school for an Easter parade on Wednesday.  Yay us!  I had not materials for an Easter bonnet, nor did I have a clue what to make for a boy, nor, to be quite honest, did I feel like making it.  I was all “if they want to have an Easter Bonnet parade, then they should make their Easter bonnet's as a craft in the classroom”!  It did not put me in a good mood.  So guess what I did?  I assigned the task to my artsy fartsy Miss 16 Year Old!  And as luck would have it, we had a snow day on Monday so she had extra time to go to AC Moore and make the Bonnet.  She bought everything she needed for less than $8.  Here it is.
This is Mr. 5 Year Old wearing the bonnet.  Sweet!


She used craft paper, foam sheets, tissue paper, some 3-D stickers,  acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, and some tiny Easter eggs. I can’t give you a tutorial because I did not make it, but I think it is fairly self explanatory.  And I am never gonna get her to explain it step by step, trust me!  Her  mind does not work that way. This is a view from up high. 




Is that the cutest little Easter hat or what? I would have loved to see all of them! I bet Gavin’s was the cutest! Winking smile  He said he had fun at the parade too! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wish I Had That!- My Dream Closet

If you are a Sex In The City fan like I am, then you will recognize this closet immediately!  It is the closet of Carrie Bradshaw!  I could not resist making this the first picture you see.

Welcome to Wish I had that!  Every Wednesday I have been blogging about something that I wish I had, and showing you some yummy eye candy.  Last week, I showed you some of my favorite spring vignettes.  Today, I am focusing on dream closets.  In case you do not know, we moved into this house at the end of June 2012.  We went from a house that had walk in closets in every bedroom, to a house with much smaller closets.  Right about now, you might be asking WHY?, right?  Well, we did it to be closer to our children's schools and activities.  And I do not regret it for one second, although my huge walk in closets are something that I desperately miss.

In our old house, LC and I both had our very own walk in closets!  I could leave my entire wardrobe out all year long.  Now, I have to pack away my out of season clothing.  And let me tell you this- it SUCKS!  I also had to purge a huge amount of things, in addition to packing away my out of season clothes.  Now, I am not gonna lie, I have more clothes than the average woman, I do.  I love fashion, I love everything about it!  Did I say love?  Yes, it's true.  Although since moving, I have been seriously considering doing a major clothing purge and simplifying my wardrobe.  I was telling this to my husband the other day and his reply was, "who are you again"?  Well, I am really gonna do it!  And don't worry, I will be blogging about it every step of the way, because this is going to be major!

When we moved, and it was time to put our closet together, I cried, real tears people!  It was horrible!  We do have a walk in closet, but it is small, and My husband has 1/4 of it.  He keeps all of his suits, dress shirts, and ties in there.  The rest is for me, and it is not much space.  My dad did come and help me put in a different closet organizer when I moved in to maximize the space, which helped a little.  But we had to put a set of bookshelves downstairs in the utility closet to keep our jeans.  My husband also has a small closet in the family room downstairs for his casual clothes.  I want to show you a picture of my closet, but I am not on my home computer right now, so I will add an update with a picture of our closet as soon as possible.  For now though, sit back and enjoy some amazing dream closets!  These are to die for!  I did not link back to the original source on these photos, sorry, I just don't have time for that today.

Love all of the mirrored surfaces, and how this closet is color coded.

Wait a minute, is this a closet or a store, I die!  (Channeling Rachel Zoe right now)

I am a sucker for a pop of red, and this red carpet in this closet makes me smile!

This one is eclectic and quirky, and gorgeous!

What a fantastic use of an attic space!

This pink and lavender is so sweet and feminine.

A Closet with a washer and dryer?  Yes please!

Here is some more color coding wonderful-ness.

Someone took a spare room and turned it in to a closet,  I love it!

It looks like a his and hers closet, each side is different.  Clever!  I could take a nap right there, and I would!

OH MY!  There are no words for this one!  I wonder who this belongs to?  Whoever she is, I hate her.

Is this a closet and an office combined?  I could definitely sit in this space and blog all day long!  the picture is a little blurry but who cares?

This closet is so pretty.  From the drum shades, to the ottoman, to the draperies.  So light and airy!

A vanity, an island and an ottoman.  Not to mention the wallpaper and the chandy!

So, I am dying to know, which of these dreamy closets is your favorite?  I am partial to Carrie Bradshaw's closet, just because she was such a style icon.  It is  not the biggest or the best, but it is plenty big enough for me!  I dream of the day I will have a closet to myself again, and not have to share it with anybody.  I love you LC, but I do not want to share my closet space with you.

I found all of these closets, and many many more and made a pinterest page of dream closets.  So hurry on over there right now and check out some more to die for closets!  And please don't forget to come back next Wednesday for more of Wish I Had That!  

Update:  Here are some pictures of the closet that LC and I share:

The two rows to the far right belong to LC.  On the shelf above are some of my short sleeve t shirts and purses.

My shoes on the inside of the door.  My clothes are straight ahead and to the left. Shirts, cardigans and sweaters on top rack, and skirts on the bottom rack  In the back left corner are longer sweaters and dresses.  To the left is a rack of my long pants. On the shelf straight ahead are my long sleeve t shirts, Some shoe boxes for very dressy shoes, and my sweaters.  The shelf on the left top contains some larger hat boxes that hold miscellaneous items.  

There are two wire shoe racks on the floor that contain more of my shoes.  The stacking baskets on the back wall contain panty hose, and tights.  

How is that for a dream closet.  More like a nightmare closet!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trashtastic Tuesday- Mason Jar Makeover

 Hi there!  Welcome to Trashtastic Tuesday!  Every Tuesday I try to have a project up on the blog that I purchased at a thrift store, or that I used something that I did not have to pay for, and transform it.  This week, I decided to paint inside of a Mason Jar.  I bought two of these Mason Jars from Goodwill for .25.  I liked them because they were large, and they say Atlas strong shoulder mason on them. I did not originally intend to paint them, but they were all foggy, and try as I might, I could not get them crystal clear again.  So I decided to paint them!   I wanted to paint them both, but my daughter is using one of them as a vase for flowers right now, so I only did one.  I will do the other to match when she is finished using it.  This project was so darn simple!  And I love the way they turned out!  This is the finished product.  The plan is to put the felt flower actually in the jar.  I bought this adorable flower at Target, and I want to go back and get a few more to add to the jar.


To do this project, I used about 3/4 of a bottle of white acrylic paint.  I just poured it in and swirled it around to get it all over the inside.  I got impatient with that and aided the paint along with a foam brush.  Then I placed it upside down on a piece of wax paper covered with 4 paper towels.  This way the excess paint would run out.  That took care of any marks from the sponge brush.  


This is the finished product.  I wrapped some yellow baker's twine around the top to make it look festive.  If you look closely, you can see the paint around the rim is weird.  That happened when I pulled it up off of the paper towels.  I am going to wait for it to fully dry and touch it up with a small brush.  I found a variety pack of different colored baker's twine at Marshall's, so cute.


And here is where my little jar landed for now.  As of last night it still wasn't fully dry.  This sofa table is right at the top of the stairs as you go right to walk into the living room.  You can see that my kitchen is to the left and my dining room is to the right.  If you have noticed the collage on my dining room wall, you can see more about it here


I love that little springy tree.  Although I would like to hide the base of it somehow.  


Those Easter eggs are ceramic.  I have had them for years.


I believe I bought the bunny sign last spring at Pier One.


Lately, I have noticed that I keep adding pops of white.  I didn't plan it that way, but for some reason I am really digging white accessories right now.  They are just so fresh and versatile.  


I hope you enjoyed Trashtastic Tuesday today.  If you would like to view my other trashtastic projects, click here.  The kiddos painted Easter eggs yesterday during our snow day, and Miss 16 Year Old made the sweetest Easter crown for Mr. 5 Year Old to take to school today.  They were having an Easter hat parade.  I'll show you their creations sometime before Easter.

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